It’s not too late to have beautiful white teeth for New Years!



Luster 2 Minute White

2 Minute White promises to significantly whiten your teeth after only 6 easy treatments:

✦ Comes with Accelerator Mouth Rinse and Super Whitener Gel for fast, powerful whitening results
✦ Developed & designed by dentists
✦ Results in zero tooth sensitivity
✦ Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 6 shades over the course of 6 treatments
✦ Good for intense whitening treatments and whitening touch-ups
✦ Also acts as the refill kit for 1 Hour White


What is Luster 2 Minute White Kit: Accelerator Mouth Rinse & Super Whitener Gel?
The Luster 2 Minute White Kit is a dual action rinse and gel. This kit promises to provide whitening results at home, safely and effectively. It has been developed by Dentovations to work as a part of their Luster product line. This particular kit is especially good for people who do not want to use trays or other appliances but who want to brighten their smile over the course of a few days.

How Does Luster 2 Minute White Kit: Accelerator Mouth Rinse & Super Whitener Gel Work?
Luster 2 Minute White Kit works first as a rinse which helps to prepare your teeth to be whitened. Then the whitening gel is applied just like toothpaste but it need to sit for about a minute per the directions. The solutions use hydrogen peroxide to lift and remove stains in order to brighten the teeth. This process is done once daily and, over the course of three days, users should see a noticeable result.

How well does it work?
I love coffee and as a result I have to work to keep stains on my teeth at bay.  I started using this 2 minute white kit yesterday and after just the first two treatments my top teeth were sparkly white. I am shocked at how quickly it brightened my teeth and lifted the stains. The stains on my bottom teeth have always been tougher but after the second day of treatment I am really impressed how light the stains are. When I finish my third day of treatment they should be nearly gone.

Worried about sensitivity issues? No worries here I have always had sensitive teeth and gums and had zero issues with this product no pain whatsoever. For how quickly this product works and the fact it’s under $10 you can’t go wrong. Pick one up today and have beautiful white teeth for New Years!

$9.99 Online at or pick it up at your local Walgreens.


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