Let OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel keep you shine free!

I struggle with shiny skin and have a hard time finding anything that works all day.  I was given the chance to review to OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel and it’s working wonders on my face. The texture of the product is great, a very light gel that is very easy to spread over my skin.

I apply OC8 after my moisturizer and before my  makeup, it takes about 1 minute to absorb completely.  I am amazed at how well it works, with OC8 my combination skin stays matte and my makeup looks fresh for at least 6 hours without any need to blot.   OC8 works mechanically, not chemically, with its ACRYSORB® micro-particles that are specially designed with copolymer technology and work to permanently trap up to 6X their own volume in oil. These particles trap facial oil after it comes out of the pores. So if my cheeks don’t produce facial oil, there’s nothing to be absorbed by these particles, but they don’t draw the moisture from the skin. 



You’re smart! You’ve gotten all your holiday shopping done. Everyone on your list is covered, and you’ve purchased one gift just for you . . . OC8® Professional Mattifying Gel. With all the holiday festivities you know that your skin could look progressively shinier and shinier as you hop from one great party to another. So, you bought some protection. Smart!

Used under makeup, OC8® Professional Mattifying Gel can keep your skin shine-free for up to eight hours. It’s the product many makeup artists use to keep celebrities shine-free under hot lights. A proprietary technology called ACRYSORB® micro-particles absorb oil on the skin’s surface, helping to leave your makeup intact. So, no more trips to the bathroom to blot your skin every hour. Your dazzling party look can keep on going into the wee hours. An extra benefit of OC8® Professional Mattifying Gel is that it can be re-applied, if necessary, on top of your makeup. How cool is that? The small tube fits conveniently into your purse in case an emergency touch up is called for.

Wait a minute! Come to think of it, maybe your holiday shopping isn’t quite done after all . . . maybe there’s someone on your list who would love having a tube in her holiday stocking too!

OC8® Professional Mattifying Gel®  $30

OC8® is a cosmetic product and can be purchased at Pharmacies, Mass Merchants and Dermatology Offices nationwide. For more information, visit www.oc8.com.
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