~CONTEST #10~ LashControl Mascara & Philip B. Shampoo!

Check out LashControl Mascara! This amazing product is a botanically-enriched mascara formula housed in an innovative tube that gives you ultimate application control. The breakthrough LashControl Mascara gives maximum impact with minimum waste. Forget wiping off excess mascara on the back of your hands or on a tissue. The fun and squeezable LashControl tube allows you to control how much mascara is on the brush, so you never end up with too much or too little.

Simply squeeze the color on the middle of the tube as you pull out the wand and the excess formula stays in the tube. For a naturally enhanced, daytime look, squeeze a lot. Squeeze a little and apply layers for a more dramatic look.

LashControl conditions lashes and keeps them healthy with a hydrating beeswax base, essential proteins, and nutrient-rich botanicals including Gingko Biloba, Chamomile Flower Extract, Aloe, Keratin, Amino Acids, Aloe Bargadensis Leaf Extract and Panax Ginseng Root Extract.

Forget flakes, clumps and raccoon eyes. LashControl Mascara is the sanitary, non-irritating way to get bold, defined, va-va-voom lashes. The advanced budge-proof, smudge-proof formula stays put from morning to night. To remove, just use warm water and gently wash it away.

LashControl is available in the following color-coded squeeze tubes, so you can choose your favorite formula and wand combination:

* Pink Squeeze ($20): Classic black mascara formula with tapered brush.

* Purple Squeeze ($20): Intense black formula with zig-zag brush to build volume.

* Clear Squeeze ($16): Clear coat formula for taming wayward brows, minus the “wet” look. It’s the perfect top coat to layer over your black mascara and seal in the pigment.

WHERE TO FIND IT: www.lashcontrol.com

Fun-loving and enthusiastic, Philip B. is a Hollywood hair-treatment guru who has built his miracle potions into a global, multimillion-dollar brand. His exquisite hair, scalp and skin-care elixirs – blended from pure, fragrant plant essences at unheard-of-in-the-industry strengths – are luxurious in the best possible way: They’re good for you, beautifully effective and instantly transporting. Delicate flower oils nourish hair from the inside out, leaving it thick and shiny without added weight. Custom-blended plant essences hydrate thick, unruly curls for perfect bounce and movement. Naturally aromatic botanicals soothe or invigorate your senses on contact. Made of healing ingredients lovingly gathered from all over world and combined to Philip’s exacting standards, each product bursts with botanical richness. His work is a master class in the art of revitalizing hair and skin, the natural way.

Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Shampoo

Give yourself a refreshing scalp treatment and shampoo in one. This volumizing, clarifying shampoo (an award-winning bestseller) contains a whopping 2.3% pure Peppermint extract, plus sixteen healing plant extracts and essential oils to leave your hair smooth, silky and uniquely tingly-clean. The Peppermint functions as a local anesthetic to ease scalp tension while stimulating circulation. Avocado Oil delivers an ideal dose of moisture to dry strands, restoring elasticity and bounce. Color safe.

THREE (3) of you will win ALL THREE (3) of these amazing products!! 

HERE’S THE FUN PART!! Make Her Up will be using Rafflecopter to host the giveaways – giving EVERYONE an equal and fair chance at winning. You have MORE THAN ONE way to enter! For an extra chance at winning, complete each of the four entries! Good luck!

*You will be able to enter more than one contest, so enter-away!


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