VMV Hypoallergenics’ Sniffle-Upagus it the perfect present for the babies in your life!

From VMV Hypoallergenics: Our best-selling micro-bug fighters, dry skin soothers & ouchless boo-boo fixers. So sniffles can be as rare & gentle as that other “upagus”. For “babes” of all ages

Validated Hypoallergenic:
VH-76/76 (sans common allergens: extended allergen series North American Contact Dermatitis Group + standard allergen series European Surveillance System of Contact Allergies)

100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free
100% Paraben + Preservative-Free
100% Phthalate-Free
Usage, Patch + Clinically Tested (in vivo + in vitro)

What I reeeeeeeeeeeally appreciate about VMV Hypoallergenics is NOT ONLY how much I love their products, but how much I love their packaging. It’s just plain FUN to get one of their packages. Everything comes in tissue paper, in a cute brown box, wrapped in a cute wrapper – with a bow to put on it. Seriously, FUN! This makes products like THESE awesome for Christmas! All you have to do is write the To: and From: on the outside, and you’re done! Know someone who has a new baby, or small child? This is the perfect Christmas present for them!

Love, love, love VMV Hypoallergenics. Check out their other amazing gift-sets here!

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