How have your beauty routines evolved over the years?

Make Her Up is teaming with Olay to talk about beauty routines, and how they have evolved over the years. It’s an interesting topic, as beauty routines really do change as we age.

When I was younger, all I would use on my face was bar soap. I never once stopped to think about what I was washing my face with. Through my teen years I was lucky enough to never really have to deal with acne. I would have a breakout here or there, but I never had major acne to deal with.

As I entered my college years, I paid more attention to what I was washing my face with, but if I’m being honest, face wash and lotion weren’t a top priority for me. Once I got into my 20’s I really stopped to think about what I was using, and found a couple products that I thought worked well for me.

What you don’t think about as your skin ages, is how the needs of your skin changes. My “trouble zones” on my face moved! Where once I had to really worry about an oily “t-zone”, now I had to worry about an overly dry face! I picked products I knew worked for my mom and sister, without putting a whole lot of thought into what works for ME personally.

Now that I’m 35, I have to be very careful and thoughtful about what I put on my skin. I’ve found that I have very sensitive skin, maybe this is the case for most 35-year-olds? I have to wash my face twice a day, and I use lotion WITH an under-eye cream. Years of taking off makeup scare me…I worry about lines and wrinkles. I actually REALLY worry about aging beautifully. I want to have nice looking skin for years to come! I carefully pick out what I put on my face, and I try to always remember to go to bed with some sort of anti-aging cream on my face and neck.

What is your beauty routine like? What do you do every day/night to better your skin? Do you worry about how you will age like I do? We would love to hear some of your beauty routines, and what is important to you on a daily basis.

Does cost matter? Time? Sound off below!

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