Erin’s Christmas Must-Have Number 3!

I absolutely love Exude Lipstick, hands down one of my favorite lipsticks. The applicator is great no more broken lipsticks or melted messes when you leave it in the car. On top of that the colors are beautiful and last hours longer than most other lipsticks.  I love the hint of mint and how great it feels on.

Exude has two new colors for Fall that are perfection in a tube. Nude is a beautiful and light just enough to add a little something to my lips it even has a tiny bit of sparkle that makes your lips glisten. On the darker side the new Plum is gorgeous very build able I can start with just a touch to add color to my lips and then layer if I want a more dramatic look. You just can’t go wrong!

This Autumn season is all about playing with dark and light, working crisp and neutral tones one moment then deep rouge and berries in the next. Make a statement at any fall occasion with either of these luscious contrasting colors on those pouty lips. To gain that rich excess look, use Exude lipstick in Plum — or for a minimalist sleek absence choose Exude lipstick in Nude.

Exude is enhanced with a smooth hint of mint scent, and new, complex formula. The Exude lip crème is available in 9 colors and the Exude lip gloss is available in 5 colors. Both product styles are dressed in a sleek yet chic soft touch white case and retail for $29.00. Exude lipstick has transformed the way women use and apply lipstick by designing a sleek applicator that dispenses the perfect amount of color with every twist.

 Nude                                                                                    Plum

Exude Lipstick was invented by cosmetics industry veterans Diane Breidenbach and Laurence Mille. They had extensive conversations with industry experts who pointed out the problems with existing lipstick and lip gloss products. Following years of testing and intensive design work, they have created Exude Lipstick, a lipstick for the 21st century woman. Breidenbach and Mille hold worldwide patent protection for this product and are no strangers to the beauty field. They are the inventors of numerous patents and are poised to once again revolutionize the cosmetics industry with Exude Lipstick.

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