Erin’s Christmas Must-Have #9!

Give the Gift of Lift!
I have been a long time fan of Mama Mio, their high quality products always deliver on promises. My favorite has to be the super duo of Skin Tight and Boob Tube. After 3 kids and losing a considerable amount of weight over the last year my boobs looked like sad half full balloons. Not a pretty sight ladies. Well I started using Skin Tight and Boob Tube every morning and evening like clockwork. You only need a bit of product to get good coverage.

Well 3 weeks in my girls are looking full and back up where they are supposed to be. Gone is the crepey skin, and sadness and welcome lifted ladies that are begging to go to Mardi Gras and show themselves off! I really love the redesigned dispenser top it makes it easier to get just the right amount of product with no waste or mess.

So if you are needing a little lift or have a friend who could use a bust boost give the gift of great boobs with Mama Mio Boob Tube!


Mama Mio Boob TubeBust & Neck Firmer
For dive in cleavage with a smooth, firm neck

Aim North, not South! What women really love about Boob Tube is that the quality of their skin changes so quickly. Within a week, you will notice that the skin on your neck, your chest and your boobs looks firmer, fitter, glowing, more dewy and youthful. Daily use will maintain this beautiful skin and over the years you will be so pleased you took the time to befriend your bust.

No crinkles or droop for you – no turtle necks or even turkey necks! You are so wise to daily dose with Boob Tube, feel free to thank us in 20 years.


Skin Tight Toning Serum
smoothes, tightens saggy, crepey, loose skin

Mama Mio Skin Tight Toning Serum smoothes and retexturises uneven crepy skin – think juicy grape not wrinkly raisin. It takes facial peel technology and applies it to the body. Its four stage action of exfoliation, skin tightening and massively nourishing moisturisation will combat crepey, slack, tired skin – anywhere you need it. Tummies, saggy knees, bumpy backs of arms – even saggy faces – will all benefit from a little lift, tighten and tone; the three sweetest words a girl can hear.


Oprah’s medical guru, Dr Oz, says ‘Skin Tight – the solution for saggy thighs and saddlebags’

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