Introducing IMAN’S Luxury Translucent Powder!

The IMAN Cosmetics Collection Luxury Translucent Powder is insane. It feels just as amazing as it looks! Seriously! Best part? It’s only $20! This was my first experience with IMAN powder, and it’s actually pretty great. It’s very reasonably priced, and when you get the right shade for your face, you will really love this product.


* Luxury Translucent formula in the silkiest texture of all the IMAN powders

* Blots shine, absorbs oil and finishes makeup with a sheer, semi-matte veil of color that matches skin tone to perfection without adding additional coverage to foundation shade

* Enriched with an exclusive skin-enhancing Micro-mineral medley that contains: Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, Iron & Mica which work together with natural pigments to enhance the skin’s tone and texture

* Signature faceted-jewel powder embossment

* Exclusive luxury faceted gold designed compact for ultimate purse appeal


* Five shades in Sand, Clay & Earth categories

Luxury Translucent Powder is now available exclusively online at, and

Retail Price: $20 USD

Click on the image above to purchase!

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