It’s not too late to have a sparkly white smile for the Holidays!

Want a beautiful sparkly white smile for all those family photos this Holiday season? Luster has two great products to help ensure your photo ready this year.

Luster Premium White

I love this toothpaste! As a huge fan of whitening toothpastes my one issue is they can be painful for my sensitive teeth. The Power White7 Sensitive formula from Luster is perfect, it helps get my teeth sparkly white and is still gentle enough to not hurt my sensitive teeth. 

Power White7 Toothpaste, Sensitive Formula

Brush with Power White7, Sensitive Formula for whiter teeth in just 1 week:

✦ See a beautifully whiter smile after brushing twice a day for only 1 week
✦ Specially formulated for sensitive teeth
✦ Clinically proven to whiten 2X more than the leading brand
✦ Contains active peroxide for powerful whitening
✦ Includes therapeutic-grade essential oils for whole mouth health
✦ Guaranteed to be sulfate-free (SLS free)
✦ Enamel-safe formula with fluoride


I was amazed how quick it brightened my teeth. A great mouthrinse it made an improvement with the first use and my teeth are looking brighter everyday. One of my favorites things about the NOW! Mouthrinse is how it cleans without burning or stinging.

NOW! Mouthrinse

Rinse with NOW! Mouthrinse for an instantly whiter smile:

✦ Instantly whitens teeth after just one rinse
✦ Contains Bluverite™, a propriety formula that creates the optical effect of whiter teeth
✦ Removes surface stains with daily use
✦ Gentle on teeth and safe for dental restorations
✦ Comes in a comfortable, ergonomic bottle
✦ Perfect for when your smile needs an instant boost


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