New! The 9 Month Stretch Kit by Tracy Anderson and Mama Mio

Ok Mama Mio and Tracy Anderson together?!?! That is two of my favorite things combined. Move over chocolate and peanut butter you have competition.

From the first product I tried I have been a huge fan of Mama Mio not only are all the products safe to use through pregnancy and beyond they really work! I was introduced to Tracey Anderson through a friend and I love her workouts, they are so different from the usual routines and provide fast results. 

A great combo a great gift for any mom-to-be!

The 9 Month Stretch Kitby Tracy Anderson and Mama Mio for a fit pregnancy, inside and out
We’ve teamed up with celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson to bring you our exclusive Kit that includes Tracy’s new Pregnancy Project workout DVD set and our best-selling Pregnancy Essentials: Tummy Rub Butter, Boob Tube and Lucky Legs. We are thrilled to be a part of Tracy’s Pregnancy Project DVD as skincare experts as well as her own personal pregnancy journey. “Mama Mio products stand behind their magical words with super nutrient-rich, effective ingredients that make their products shine above the rest.” Tracy Anderson

While pregnant with her son 13 years ago, Tracy gained over 60 pounds. It was this significant weight gain, along with a weight gain that Tracy experienced while studying dance, which propelled her to research and develop the Tracy Anderson Method. After announcing her second pregnancy in 2012, Tracy Anderson began production on a series of pregnancy workout DVDs to serve as a guide for women throughout their pregnancy.

Similar to Tracy’s successful Metamorphosis DVDs, this series contains many more tools than just the workouts. The series contains nine different workouts, one workout focused on each month of pregnancy, which Tracy filmed in real time. In addition to the workouts, the series contains interviews with doctors, mothers, Tracy’s clients, and various experts on pregnancy. The advice from these experts also include testimonials from Tracy’s clients that have been able to attribute their post-pregnancy bodies to Tracy’s method.

The Pregnancy Project is designed to be a guide for expectant parents and covers everything from nutrition, to fitness, to the leading studies on pregnancy. Tracy already has a tremendously successful post-pregnancy workout DVD, with over 1 million copies sold, and this project is designed to be a much more comprehensive tool for women at all stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

What’s In the Box?
The Pregnancy Project
Tracy Anderson DVD box set
Region free DVD

Boob Tube
Because those great pregnancy boobs are temporary
30ml | 1 fl.oz

Tummy Rub Butter
Award-winning and loaded with Omega 3, 6 and 9
30ml | 1 fl.oz

Lucky Legs
A mini spa treatment to relieve tired legs and feet
30ml | 1 fl.oz

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