Introduction: Blue Lotus Henna in Portland, Oregon is absolutely amazing!

My husband’s cousin is having her first baby next month. I happily pounced on the chance to throw her a baby shower, and knew immediately the theme would be Indian. I really wanted to have a non-traditional baby shower, no traditional games would suit the mommy-to-be. In an effort to try and come up with something original, I decided to look into hiring a henna artist. After doing some research online, I very quickly decided I had to hire Blue Lotus Henna for my party.  They are local, they do parties of ANY kind, and they are affordable.

I emailed Melanie Ooi about the possibility of hiring her team to come to my shower, and she quickly emailed back. She was kind, easy to work with, replied quickly, and made the entire experience so wonderful.

Two days before the shower, Melanie invited the mommy-to-be over to her home, where she painted her tummy in belly henna. Brandi said it was unbelievably relaxing. She sat back, and for about two hours Melanie went to work on her belly. The finished product was absolutely breathtaking. Brandi said the experience was beautiful, and absolutely loved the end result.

Two days later, Erika (who also works at Blue Lotus Henna) came to our baby shower, and very happily gave every girl a unique henna design. By the end of the party, she had to have henna’d nearly 15 ladies. Everyone from my 5 year old niece to my 80+ year old grandmother received a beautiful henna design. One thing I really appreciated about my experience with Blue Lotus Henna, was every design was unique! I thought we would all receive the same design, but I was so wrong! Every design was beautiful and unique to that girl.

I would absolutely hire Blue Lotus Henna again…. in a second. They were so affordable, and they made this shower unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I had several people tell me how much fun they had, and how the shower wasn’t like anything they’d ever seen before. If you live in the Portland area, you should check out Blue Lotus Henna. If you have any questions, email her, she’ll get right back to you!

Henna is PERFECT for baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, weddings, YOU NAME IT!

Please take a minute to scroll through the pictures below, and check out the beautiful henna work we all received.

PS: Here’s my henna (and my niece), LOVE IT!

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