Miranda Kerr shows off her ridiculous abs in RUSSH Magazine!

Miranda Kerr covers the latest issue of RUSSH Magazine, from Australia. Inside the magazine, Miranda poses for a series of beautiful shots, including the one above – showing off her rather ridiculous abs!

We didn’t get any tidbits from the interview, but Miranda also covers Cosmo South America this month, so I’ll use quotes from that.

On her body: “I have a good relationship with my body and I think that comes down to the fact that I listen to what it’s telling me. I’d say the only thing I can sometimes deprive my body of is sleep, and it’s in those moments of being tired I can feel a little overwhelmed.”

On beauty tips: “My all time best beauty tip is to dry-brush your body daily. It improves the functioning of the lymphatic system, improves circulation and leaves skin smoother. It also keeps cellulite at bay.”

On goals: “I have pictures of places I’d love to go, people I hope to meet, things I’d like to do, and even pictures of friends and family I pray will remain in my life. I find it uplifting to look over the images and focus on them as part of my future.”

On her husband Orlando Bloom being romantic: “One time in Paris, we went to The Hemingway Bar beneath the Ritz. Sitting there, we were inspired to write love notes to each other. I didn’t know he’d kept these until a few years later – at Christmas – he presented me with a frame containing all those notes. [It’s] my favorite gift!”

There were a bunch of rumors recently about her relationship with Orlando falling apart, so I’m glad to hear it wasn’t true. I think they are one of Hollywood’s cutest couples, and they make quite perfect babies!

What do you think about this photo shoot?

What do you think of the photo shoot?

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