Cameron Diaz opens up (literally) in the new Esquire Magazine, “I feel better at 40 than I did at 25!”

I’ll start off by saying Cameron Diaz looks amazing. Really, she has 6′ legs, amazing skin, and normal(ish) looking implants. She looks fantastic, really. What I have a problem with – is the pictures with her legs spread. Is that really necessary? She looks so much prettier in more tamed-down pictures like the cover above.

The fact that the pictures were taken by resident perv Terry Richardson probably have something to do with the nature of the pictures.

Here are some highlights from the interview!

Turning 40 years old: “For the first time in my life I’m content. I’m so excited. Getting older is the best part of life. Like, I know more than I’ve ever known. I have gratitude. I know myself better. I feel more capable than ever. And as far as the physicality of it – I feel better at 40 than I did at 25. I’m so excited. Getting older is the best part of life. Like, I know more than I’ve ever known.”

Why she never got married: “I’m smart! No, it’s hard to say. It just wasn’t the thing I was drawn to. I certainly didn’t want it in my 20s. Or my 30s… so, we’ll see! I’d always wanted to get hitched in Vegas at least three times.”

What she looks for in a dude: “I want someone who takes care of themselves, who’s strong. To hear people are engaged in life like that is exciting to me. It’s funny because as my girlfriends get older, I see how their relationships have evolved, and you know, the people you’re drawn to changes. I’m not attracted to the same people that I was drawn to in my twenties.”

She hasn’t ruled out kids: “I don’t need to have the children in my life be a part of my literal flesh. And anyway, there’s still a possibility of that, I ain’t that old. I’m feeling very … capable.”

She claims she doesn’t Botox: “There’s no such thing as anti-ageing. You can’t go back in time. So for me, it’s about living in this moment, the best that I can. Contentment is about coming to terms with life as it is.”

What do you think of Cam’s photo shoot from the magazine?

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