My Review: Fake Bake Xtreme Self- Tanning Gel

I’m a self tan junkie, with fair skin I try to avoid  tanning but still want a golden glow. I have tried lotions, sprays, mousse and gel products. My latest favorite is Fake Bake Xtreme! I was torn on what to try and a sales rep at Ulta told me this was a must have and she was right.

The gel formula is really easy to apply and it  looks a bit like chocolate syrup going on so it’s easy to make sure you get a nice even tan. Make sure to exfoliate first you will get a much better and longer lasting tan. And I have found latex gloves are a must have no stained hands and its easier to apply the self tan gel. I like to apply at night before bed then rinse off the color guide in the morning. If I apply Thursday night I have a perfect tan through the weekend.

Definitely on the top of my sunless tanner must have lists, it applies easily  dries fast and sets to a rich golden brown with no hints of orange.

Fake Bake ‘Xtreme’ Self Tanning Gel
Satisfy your desire to elevate your tan to the deepest, darkest level with our new self-tanning gel. A dark sunless tanner for all skin tones.

Fake Bake Xtreme Darkest Self-Tanning Gel uses the highest quality ingredients and tanning agents, combined with new patent-pending technology, to give the ultimate sunless tan. The deeply pigmented gel provides a fast-acting, low-maintenance, long-lasting bronze. Fake Bake’s tanning agents start working upon contact with the skin. However, a nighttime application is recommended to receive the maximum benefits for a perfect, lasting tan. Includes reusable gloves for ideal application and minimal mess.


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