Repair Damaged Summer Skin with Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15

My fair skin has taken a beating with the summer sun exposure so I was excited to check out the the new Perricone MD  Vitamin C Ester 15.  The chief  ingredient, Vitamin C Ester , comes in at  15 %  which is the “highest concentration in any anti- aging treatment .”

It’s a very lightweight cream and you don’t need much to get great coverage. I use it on the sun spots on my nose and my neck and chest. In the last two weeks I have noticed my skin has slowly been brightening and is much clearer. It even smells  yummy almost like a  creamsicle!

It is a splurge but the product really works. In two weeks the most dramatic change has been in the firmness and clarity of my skin. All that and its fading sun spots!

Vitamin C Ester 15
Summer has its many perks. Beaches, barbeques and the perfect sun-kissed glow. But as Autumn nears and your tan begins to fade, your complexion may not be thanking you. Harmful UV rays and months of overexposure has left your skin dry, damaged and in need of a serious overhaul. Get ready for firmer, brighter and smoother skin in a flash!

Vitamin C Ester 15  is a prescription-grade 15% concentrated treatment, the highest available in any anti-aging product and patented for topical application. Rejuvenate your ravished summer skin each night with each of these 7-day tubes and give skin a more youthful look by boosting collagen production, smoothing skin texture and dramatically brightening its appearance. In one week’s time, redness and dullness disappears, leaving you with a porcelain-like complexion.

Now your glow doesn’t have to depart along with Summer – your winter skin can be just as radiant!

Research results:
Consumer use study results of seven days of use:
– 85% agreed it helped support their skin’s structure for more resilient skin
– 80% agreed that their skin felt firmer
– 80% agreed that their skin felt tighter and more toned

– 83% agreed that their skin looked smoother
– 80% agreed that this product helped fix the roughness of their skin
– 73% agreed that this product gave their skin a smooth, porcelain finish

– 78% agreed that this product helped fix the dullness of their skin and their skin appeared brighter
– 75% agreed that their skin looked and felt rejuvenated each morning
– 73% agreed that their skin had a healthy inner glow and looked more even

Available at Sephora; 4 tubes (10ml each), $120 USD.


Disclosure: A complimentary sample was provided to MakeherUp all opinions are 100% our own.

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