Lea Michele bargain hunts, and “always looks for half-price sales”

Lea Michele may be a huge star making big bucks, but the actress admits she still hunts for good deals! So what influences Lea’s personal style?

“New York City really does,” Michelle tells PEOPLE. “I think growing up in New York, and seeing the effortless style and the street style [that it’s known for] has modeled my style.”

Since Glee primarily shoots on the West Coast, the star brings a piece of home with her when she returns to set. “I wear lots of black in L.A.,” she jokes.

Recently, Michele has upped her fashion game, stepping out on the red carpet in Pucci, Versace and Zac Posen, but her personal shopping habits aren’t as glamorous. “I’m not a big spender,” she admits.”I still always look for the half-price sales.”

But like most women, she does splurge every so often. “Every six months or so, I will do the one nice bag, or the one nice pair of shoes, or the one nice piece of jewelry,” Michele says.

The actress’s latest big purchase? Bling. “I decided to buy a nice necklace, ring and earrings so that I have a set to wear every single day.”


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