Olympic Nail Trends.

Skyy Hadley, owner of As U Wish Nail Spa, has some tips and tricks on ways you can root for team USA with DIY nail art techniques.

Gold medal winner Missy Franklin shared this picture of her patriotic mani/pedi with her twitter followers and I just LOVE it!
To create Missy’s American flags:
-choose a pure white polish and paint one or two nails on each hand so the flags stand out
-after brushing on two coats of white, create the red vertical stripes using a small design nail polish brush or a toothpick
-then apply a thick line of bold blue polish across the tip of the nail as you would for a French manicure
– dip a toothpick into the white, or silver, nail polish and draw little stars on the blue background
-finish with a fast dry clear top coat

How to get tennis pro Venus Williams’ chic look:
-using a red polish with a hint of shimmer adds an element of chic sophistication to this look
-after brushing on two coats of a shimmer red polish on all nails except one on each hand, dip a toothpick into gold polish and add small dots on top of each red nail
-to create the fashionable flag:
-brush two coats of gold polish along the base of the nail in a downward curve
-draw a line using white polish on a toothpick along the gold curve
-brush on two coats of red polish following the same downward curve
-paint the remaining tip with two coats of blue polish
-finish by drawing stars in white polish using a toothpick

For a simple and classic look like gold medalist Allison Schmitt:
-using shimmery red, white and blue polishes, paint each nail, or chosen nail, a different color
-have fun with this look and create any red, white and blue pattern you choose

· Always push back the cuticles but be sure not to cut them since cutting them can create hangnails and should be left for professionals only.
· When it’s time to paint your nails, roll the polish bottle in between your hands as your body heat will liquefy the polish a bit so it goes on smoother. Wipe the back of the brush against the neck of the bottle as you take it out so there’s just a drop of polish sitting on the front tip of the brush for the perfect brush stroke.
· Remember TOP COAT, TOP COAT, TOP COAT! It is so important to use a fast dry top coat on your nails and to let them dry naturally without dryers. This prevents the polish from chipping and helps it last longer. Extend the life of your manicure by adding a layer of top coat on day three.

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