Three steps to soothing a sunburn!

Apparently most of the United States is experiencing a brutal summer (here in Oregon, we’re pretty mild). One thing everyone needs, though, when the sun comes out – is a few tips on how to take care of a bad sunburn! First of all, we have to point out that SPF is key to avoiding skin cancer and damage to the skin, but accidents happen. If you end up with a sunburn, has come up with three easy tips to help you get some relief quickly!

Step 1: Take Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

Pop an ibuprofen the second you realize you have a sunburn, says Amy McMichael, a dermatologist and professor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. “This can decrease the chemicals that are produced by the burned skin and slow some of the inflammatory response to the burn.”

Step 2: Slather On Aloe

Aloe vera gel applied topically constricts blood vessels, which can cut the sting and redness. Plus the natural moisturizer cools skin on contact. Try Australian Gold Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel, which also has acacia extract, green tea and vitamins C and E so you get added antioxidant benefits.

Step 3: Cover Up

“The most important part of covering a sunburn is to hydrate the skin first, then take out the red with a sheer application of Dermablend Leg and Body Cover SPF 15,” says makeup artist Jose Parron. Apply a bit more of the allover concealer with your fingertip on the sun-tanned part of the bathing suit line to help blur the line of demarcation.

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