Best hats for summer!

Are you a summer hat kinda girl? Every now and then I spend some time at the pool and I’m always amazed by the cute summer hats that are out there! I would love to find a summer hat that would work for me (I might have a large head)! I did some digging today and found some great deals for those of you with more normal-sized heads. I’ll live vicariously through you!

Whether you’re looking to shade your face from the sun, or just want to wear something fabulous – here are our tops picks!

Endless Summer Hat from American Apparel: $28.00

Betmar Zoe Brettman Sun Hat: On sale! $41.96

San Diego Hat Co.: $34.99

Nine West Hat Packable Straw Super Floppy: $40

Veranda Sun Hat, Ann Taylor: $48

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