Brazilian Peel Clear Review.

I love the Brazilian Peel , all it takes is clean skin, ten minutes of masking and a quick rinse and the peel is complete.  The product  warms up in your hands as you mix it together.  When you first apply the peel to the face, there can be a slight tingle action and its warm. As the ten minutes processing time goes on, the mask cools off considerably. After two minutes I forget that the peel is on my face until you rinse it off.  Peel can sound scary but this clears up any breakouts without any redness, itching or dry skin. Once I rinse the mask off my skin feels much brighter and tighter.

The kit also comes with 30 Acne Control Booster Pads for use on the days you don’t apply the peel. They have definitely helped keep away the random blemish and I love how it doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin. I love this kit and summer is the perfect time to try it out. Help fight back the issues caused by sun and sweat.

Quick Overview
Brazilian Peel Clear is a two-step acne treatment that effectively clears and prevents blemishes.
Brazilian Peel Clear combines salicylic acid acne treatment with professional strength 25% glycolic acid & nourishing açai antioxidant protection and includes:
A weekly salicylic acid acne and professional-strength, self-neutralizing glycolic peel clinically proven safe for at-home use Acne Control Booster Pads for daily use

Clear + Prevent + Protect
The Antidote to Acne, Brazilian Peel Clear is an innovative two-step treatment program that clears and prevents acne blemishes, and protects skin from irritation, redness and aging.
Instantly unclogs pores & helps prevent acne
Reduces acne & visibly improves acne scars
Clinically proven to brighten, smooth & tone skin
Dermatologist tested to be safe & non-irritating
Scientifically formulated to hydrate & prevent over-drying skin
Easy to use, takes less than 1 minute daily, 10 minutes weekly

In independent clinical testing:
91% of users reported less oily skin
90% of users reported experienced a reduction in acne blemishes
89% of users reported clearer skin
83% of users reported smooth and soft skin

The Science of Clear Skin
Together, the dermatologic benefits of 25% glycolic, the antioxidant properties of natural açaì berry, the innovation of Q-Mag Neutralizer, and the acne-fighting properties of salicylic acid define the science of Brazilian Peel Clear, the Antidote to Acne.

Brazilian Peel Clear is formulated WITHOUT:
Synthetic Dyes



Disclosure: A complimentary sample was sent to MakeHerUp for review, all opinions are 100% our own.

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