Salon Review: Umberto Beverly Hills!

I’m not going to lie and say that a business trip for Make Her Up is rough. It’s not. First we get to stop by the amazing ByuTi Salon in Brentwood, and THEN the next day we get to wake up and visit the Umberto Salon in Beverly Hills. UMBERTO!?

When I first came in contact with Umberto’s team – we had set up an appointment to visit the salon, and then either get a haircut or a blowout. Heck, Erin and I were thrilled to have an excuse to walk in the doors, let alone actually receive a treatment! A couple days before we flew to L.A. I heard the amazing news that Umberto, the master himself, the building’s namesake – wanted to cut our hair personally. PERSONALLY! My immediate gut reaction (if I’m being honest) is of sheer terror. I’m thinking to myself – I’m too big, I’m too Beaverton (it’s where we reign from), I’m too poor, I’m too underdressed, I’m just too….. everything. I felt like walking into that salon I would stick out like a sore thumb. So psyching myself up for this visit was a bit challenging. But we did it! And I’m so glad we did!


We walked in, and were greeted by the most amazing two women. I’m kicking myself for not writing their names down, because they made our entire experience so amazing. Instead, I’ll post their picture! These two women were amazing!

Erin and I were whisked into a back room, where we changed out of our overcoats, and into a robe. These two beautiful ladies walked us upstairs – and into Umberto’s corner. (This is the point where I start FREAKING OUT).


Next thing I know, out walks this gorgeous older man, in khaki’s,  a t-shirt and Converse shoes. I think – this cannot be him!  Next thing I know, Umberto introduces himself, and starts the conversation almost immediately by complimenting my hair. He asks me “what would you like”? I feel at this moment like I’m telling Picaso how to paint – so I meekly say “You’re the master! You decide!” He tells me he loves the haircut I already have – and will go with that. He proceeds to cut my hair – all the while complimenting me left and right about my hair. I’m feeling less and less like a schmuck. He tells me about his native home (Rome), about his daughter who produces many (if not all) of Quentin Tarantino films, he talks about meeting Leonardo DiCaprio and how he’s a “complete gentleman”. He told Erin the secret to drying your own tomatoes – like his mom did in Rome. He was a beautiful, friendly, amazing man.


He tells me how important it is for him to appeal to “everyone”. His main goal is to create products that everyone can afford, can access, can enjoy. Later when I walked through his salon – I realize he’s not kidding! He creates his products for EVERYONE – not just the wealthy. The products he used in his HUGE Beverly Hills salon are the SAME products you can pick up at Target.

He talked to us about the importance of good shampoo and conditioner. He said it ALL starts there. Without good shampoo and conditioner, your hair doesn’t stand a chance!

The motto at the Umberto Salon – something I heard over and over – was Umberto has “something for everyone”. He strives to create amazing products that everyone can afford.

He has his hands in every single aspect of his products. When creating a new brush – he literally counts every single bristle himself! Nothing hits the shelves without his stamp of approval. (And that comes after a long trial period to make sure there aren’t any kinks!)

While he was cutting my hair – he opened up about his newest venture, one he’s really excited about. All-In-One U Color by Umberto.

In the scissor-sharp arena of Beverly Hills hair salons, the name Umberto reigns supreme. For over three decades, Umberto has developed a reputation of sustained excellence. With his Beverly Hills Salons as the ultimate laboratory, Umberto has been able to identify exactly what women want and need to maintain beautiful hair. And now, women everywhere are able to enjoy the Umberto experience. Introducing All-In-One U Color by Umberto – the cutting-edge line of foolproof professional color in a no-measure sachet system that is so simple, anyone can get salon-style results in the comfort of their home.

At a time where money is tight and women are really cutting back on spending, Umberto wanted to provide women with a product that allows them to both look and feel beautiful even if they don’t have the money for in-salon color or frequent touch-ups. This specially formulated demi-permanent color has richer pigments for vibrant color. The formula is gentle like a semi-permanent but long lasting like a permanent color and because of the Equalizer it covers gray.  It is conveniently packaged in a mess-free Sachet Packet System designed to apply directly to the hair. Just snip, squeeze and smoosh!

Umberto stood by his philosophy: “Hair is magical. You can do more with hair than an artist can do with a paint brush.” In creating this line, Umberto gives women everywhere the simple tools they need to create any look they want.

No Measuring, No Mixing, No Mess!

Salon color has never been easier!  All-In-One U COLOR’s one-step Sachet Packet System of Color, Developer and Equalizer comes ready-to-use making the system fool proof for even the least savvy.  The magic Equalizer is the key to achieving results that no other at home product can duplicate.

 Even Color from Roots to Ends.

The Equalizer is the magic ingredient that works together with the color and developer during the chemical process to balance color absorption.  Because of the Equalizer, you’ll get full gray coverage and there’s no need to worry about a line of demarcation, or ends that ‘grab’ color and get too dark.

 Lasting Color, Conditioning and Shine.

The Equalizer also contains an added Clear Gloss and Conditioner.  Rather than use a pre- or post-conditioning treatment that only coats the hair, All-In-One U COLOR opens the hair shaft during processing allowing the Equalizer to penetrate the hair, locking in lasting color, conditioning and shine all in one easy step, avoiding another chemical process and time consuming step.

I’ve actually used his hair color before, and I love the results I get with it. I cannot wait to try this new line, I know it will not disappoint! The perfect complement his unique line of top quality hair care products, The UMBERTO Beverly Hills line of professional products, All-In-One U Color is available in 24 shades for a suggested retail price of $7.00 at leading beauty supply outlets and

Before I sign off, please click on the link above and check out Umberto’s new creation. Also – don’t forget you can pick up all of the products he used on Erin and I at your local major drugstore! (I get mine at Target.)

After taking the tour through his beautiful salon (see the pictures of our tour below) Umberto graciously posed for a picture with Erin and I. He gave us probably the BEST haircut we’ll ever have, and he was probably one of the most sincerely nicest people we’ll ever meet. If you ever have the opportunity – please stop by and check out Umberto’s salon in Beverly Hills. Even if you’re like us – and you’re from a town called BEAVERTON – you’ll feel right at home the moment you walk through those doors.


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