Salon Review: ByuTi Brentwood Salon!

Erin and I had the pleasure of taking a bit of a business trip down to Los Angeles last weekend. We decided we needed to go visit a few salons while we were there – and try out some amazing treatments and products along the way! We flew in Friday – and arrived at our hotel sometime around 3:00PM. We quickly showered and changed and headed to ByuTi Salon in Brentwood, California, (that’s us at the salon above….not too shabby for a day of travelling?).

We walked into this gorgeous salon, and were greeted warmly by a receptionist and the stylists who would be giving us our treatment. They also handed us both a much-appreciated-mimosa. After a day of flying and dealing with airports (ugh!) who couldn’t use a mimosa? We were sold.

“ByuTi provides clients with more than just a beautifying experience. From wholesome ingredients used to extra services provided, the goal is to serve with integrity, excellence, and professionalism.” This couldn’t have been more true. We were treated like royalty!

We were whisked to our stations, where our stylists went over the treatment we’d be receiving. We were both to receive a Blender Treatment – plus a blowout!

Custom-Blended Reparative Treatments:The ByuTi team specializes in creating healthy hair. Just as each client is unique, each treatment is specifically formulated to give him/her the greatest results possible. ByuTi Blender treatments are available to help smooth coarse hair, thicken fine or limp hair, add shine to dull locks, rebuild protein in weak or damaged hair, repair over-processed hair and to help fight oily hair. Clients can choose between one or multiple blenders to bring their hair to the fullest health and quality. 

Depending upon our particular hair needs – they whipped up a concoction of natural ingredients to spread on our hair. They applied the treatment to our scalp – and led us over to a machine that essentially looks like a hair dryer. But it’s a miraculous invention! They tighten a band around our hair – and for a few minutes, heat is pumped onto our hair – and the treatment begins it’s work. My stylist told me I should think of it as a “facial for my hair”. The product seeps into each hair follicle, and at the end of just a matter of minutes – a gust of cold air it shot through – and closes the hair follicles back up to lock in the conditioning treatment.

Here’s a picture of me – during my Blender Treatment (notice the mimosa).

ByuTi Blenders: Six different carefully-crafted blends can be added to any conditioner, promising to enhance its properties and healing of the hair. Custom-blended at the in-house ByuTi- bar, each treatment is blended with a Pureology® Masque, customized for clients’ needs. After application, clients relax under the micromist, which reduces the sizes of the conditioning particles so they slip though the layers of hair to deposit nutrients all the way to the core. Upon completion of the treatment, clients are given a special take-home treatment custom to their hair type.

Creating a salon experience that supersedes clients’ expectations, ByuTi Salon (pronounced beauty) is the premiere hair boutique led by beauty industry veteran Natasha Sunshine-Antonioni.  Now launching her second location in Brentwood, California, the new salon will accommodate her growing clientele with more space. As education is a priority at ByuTi and it’s much deeper than simply giving a great haircut, Natasha has developed a six-step consulting system to assist her expert staff to find out exactly what clients individual needs are.

 We always begin our consultation by telling our clients, ‘we do things a little differently here, we want to make sure that we are taking care of you from your scalp to your ends…’ — Natasha Sunshine-Antonioni

After our treatment, and then AMAZING blowout, we can honestly admit – our hair has never felt so soft. It’s been a week since I was in and received my treatment, and I can STILL feel the difference in my hair. If I lived near Brentwood (sniff, sniff), I’d be in Natasha’s salon CONSTANTLY. It is an experience you truly owe yourself. It feels amazing, and it lasts for a long time. As I write this, my hair STILL feels so soft. It’s been shinier, healthier and much more soft.

Please visit for information on the ByuTi Blender – and SO many other great services and products.

Here’s the after shot. We walked out of the salon – hopped in our (rented) convertible – and took this picture. Look at that fabulous hair!

PS: Please take a look at all of the pictures below from our salon visit! And don’t forget – if you’re ever in the area – please check out ByuTi Salon. You won’t be disappointed!

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