Joey New York Quick Results Peel-Off Masque

I love a good masque, make it a peel off masque and I’m a smitten kitten. The Joey New York Quick Results Peel-Off Masque, goes on clear and has a sticky texture then just wait 10 minutes and you are ready to peel!  I have been using this twice a week and love it. The first thing I noticed is my skin felt much firmer, but my favorite part is the clearing effect it has. Between the gym and the warmer weather I am more prone to skin imperfections. But the mask seems to clear them up just as they start. A great masque to keep your face looking great through the warmer summer months.

JOEY New York Quick Results Peel-Off Masque

What it is:
A smoothing face mask to improve the overall condition of your skin

What it’s used for:
Joey New York Quick Results Peel Peel-Off Masque is infused with young green coconut water and an Indian ginseng extract complex to diminish wrinkles and illuminate your complexion. The peel-away mask eliminates impurities and excess oil and leaves pores looking more refined. This gentle formulation is perfect way to give your skin a weekly glow.

Once a week on clean skin apply a layer of the gel evenly on entire face. Avoid the eye area. Leave on face for 10-15 minutes or until masque is dry. To remove, start lifting edges from the bottom of the neck and peel upward toward the forehead. If peel does not lift off in one piece due to uneven distribution of the gel, re-lift from the edges where it needed. Rinse with warm water. Use one or twice a week.



Disclosure: MHU was sent a sample to provide a review for our readers, all opinions are 100% our own.

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