Instyle Daily Beauty Tip: Rosy Blush


I love this look, if done right its classy and really brighten and lift the look of my face.

Rosy Blush
People say history has the tendency to repeat itself, and judging from the neon hues all over the spring runways, and Eva Longoria’s sky-high blush, it’s safe to say that the ‘80s are back! Longoria pulls off this dramatic look because of the soft rosy color and blended edges. The effect is striking, but certainly doesn’t bring back memories of big hair and blue eye shadow. Go for a similar look by dusting on a light pink hue high onto the apples of your cheeks, using the natural line of your cheekbones as a guide. Be sure to really blend out the edges for a seamless fade, and do this step before putting on eye shadow or lipstick. By putting down the blush first, you’ll be able to gauge how heavy to go on your eyes and lips so the effect isn’t overdone.


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