MHU Music: Singer Katelyn McCarter Releases Beautiful Tune “Free From Me” On ITunes.

Rising music star Katelyn McCarter has the attention of the industry. This bright, beautiful singer is establishing herself as a serious artist as she gains recognition for her strong vocal skills and poetic yet memorable music. As her career continues to take off, Katelyn has responded to growing demand by releasing her latest single, “Free From Me” on iTunes!

Bringing a fresh sound to Christian pop music, Katelyn is a welcome addition to the music scene, infusing her songs with her charismatic energy and her deep-rooted passion for God, life and music. Her latest release, “Free From Me, ” is a beautiful, soulful tune that sticks with you, making it one to replay again and again. “Free From Me,” now available on iTunes, is getting Katelyn well-deserved attention, showcasing her exceptional voice and unique sound.

With so much potential and passion, Katelyn McCarter is primed to be the next big star in music. Be sure to catch the latest single from this truly talented artist, “Free From Me,” now on iTunes!

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