New Contest! Win a $200 Visa Card from StudioVox

What is StudioVox?
StudioVox is a social networking platform for creative people, agents, creative industry
and their fans. Creative professionals showcase their work and sell it, market themselves, connect
with fans and industry peers, and find their next creative job. It’s a complete, comprehensive
platform for creative promotion.

StudioVox’s platform is organized around four user groups:
Creatives-Creative Professionals and Artists.
Industry-Creative Companies and Organizations.
Agents-Representation, Management & Labels.
Enthusiasts– Fans, Friends, Followers, and Purchasers.

It’s a complete ecosystem that helps creative professionals grow their careers and connect with fans
and helps creative companies find new talent and promote their businesses.
Creative professionals and companies participate on the platform within their creative field,
such as filmmaking, fashion design, photography, music, fine arts, graphic design, etc.
Enthusiast view, rate, comment, and purchase work from the creatives they enjoy.

StudioVox centers on the belief that the commercial value of a creative professional
hinges on their ability to promote themselves, attract industry attention, and increase the
quality of their relationships with their fans. StudioVox was designed to help creatives promote their
work, grow fan relationships, and ultimately earn more as they become more popular.

Who Needs StudioVox?
Nearly 81 million Americans classify themselves as “art participants and active artistic
members.” This population doesn’t have a social networking community that’s exclusively for them,
focused on their passions, with an emphasis on promotion. StudioVox was developed to help all
creative professionals in the fields of design, computer arts, fashion and apparel, fine arts, music,
photography, architecture, performing arts, television arts, motion pictures and film and more.

CONTEST: Here are the five steps to be eligible to win
1. Sign up for StudioVox using the beta code StudiovoxBetaCode047.
2. Upload a picture and fill out their profile.
3. Like our Facebook page OR follow us on Twitter.
4. Send StudioVox the best feedback possible through their feedback form. The more specific, the better!
5. Leave a comment here on MakeHerUp describing your creative goals and ambitions.

Good Luck!

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