Jamie King talks to StyleCaster about fashion, LA and her new project with the Huffington Post.

Check out StyleCaster’s latest editorial with cover girl Jaime King. I love her as Lemon Breeland on the Hart of Dixie, please tell me is anyone else watching with me? Hart of Dixie is my guilty pleasure.

Heart of Dixie darling on StyleCaster

On her style growing up: “My family members thought I was crazy! They’d make fun of me and say, did your father drop you? You know what I mean? They just thought that my style was very kooky and strange. ”

On LA: “I love all of the classic old Hollywood spots. I love the Chateau Marmont for breakfast or a late night dessert. I love eating at the diner at the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

On future projects: a) “It’s hard when you open up a rag magazine, and you’re reading things that are completely distorted, or based off of one thing that you’ve said. It’s like, I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and we were talking about how frustrated we are when that happens, and it’s great to have a platform where you can share your voice….I’m starting a web series with the Huffington Post. It’s a very clear way for people to have a conversation and express who they are without anybody getting in the way of it.” b) “I’m working to put together my first feature that I’m directing.”

Read the rest of the article and see more beautiful photos here.

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