MakeHerUp Must Listen: Jennifer Reith

Jennifer has a great fresh sound and her debut song “There You Are” is beautiful, check it out here.

Jennifer Reith

Born in Maryland, 17 year old songstress Jennifer Nicole Reith is a talented young singer fresh on the pop music scene. As she builds a devoted, ever-expanding fan base, Jennifer is quickly grabbing the attention of top industry names and turning the heads of critics.

Growing up listening to successful pop singers with positive messages, such as Hilary Duff, Jennifer connects with pop music, knowing she can reach a lot of people with her fun and inspiring pop music style. As an artist, Jennifer is often compared to stars such as Colbie Caillat and Francesca Battistelli, due to her distinctly relaxed and fresh style of music. With her songs, Jennifer hopes to inspire her fans to always stay strong and persevere, always giving everything your all.

As an active teen, Jennifer keeps up with her school studies and finds time to commit charitable energy to various causes and stay involved with her strong church community. With her music career quickly taking off, Jennifer is staying busy with her music pursuits as she continues to develop and hone her strong abilities as an artist. Always maintaining her down-to-earth personality, charitable spirit and positive nature, Jennifer Nicole Reith is a young artist with all the makings of a pop music role model. Keep your eyes and ears open for this new voice, as she is soon to be too hard to miss!

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