Are you sabotaging your skin?

Is your daily routine taking its toll on your skin? A couple missteps can actually make you look older! Are you buying into old wives tales – that actually don’t actually work? What are the most common skin myths out there? Make Her Up is going to try and weed through some of the junk – and debunk some of those skincare myths!

As you get older, make sure you’re using the appropriate moisturizer!

Moisturizing your face is an important part of a healthy skincare routine. But using the same product you did in your 20s won’t cut it in your 40s and beyond. As you age, your skin dries out and your body secretes less oil. To keep your skin looking radiant, upgrade to a hydrating cream with antioxidants and an SPF of at least 15. Antioxidants will help reduce wrinkles at night and SPF will guard against the sun’s rays.

Don’t re-use your washcloth or loofa! 

Bacteria can build up and cause breakouts and other skin issues!

Never use bar soap on your face!

It can overdry delicate facial skin with detergent soaps, toners, and over exfoliation.

Watch the expiration dates on your beauty products!

Beauty and skincare products do go bad. Efficacy of products can decrease, especially with SPF. As soon as you open a product, some ingredients will start to oxidize and degrade. And every time you touch a product you transfer germs!

Buy the right products for YOUR skin! 

Dry Skin: Look for products that add moisture and contain hydrating ingredients (i.e. milky or cream cleansers as opposed to foaming ones; hydrating toners, and moisture-boosting lotion/creams – possibly thicker or richer ones. Ingredients like Q-10, ascorbic acid, hylauronic acid, retinol…) Exfoliating and using a moisturizing mask is also important!

Oily Skin: Look for products that help remove excess oil and calm the over production of sebum (i.e. foaming cleansers; pH balancing toners with a gentle astringent, and mattifying/skin evening lighter lotions. Ingredients like thermal water, tea tree oil, xinc oxide, oil free cosmetics and skincare. Clarifying masks are great for oily skin (esp ones containing clay)! Don’t over dry skin though with overwashing or harshly drying chemicals – many people with oily skin make that mistake.

Combination Skin: Look for products that add adequate moisture (especially during dry seasons) and also are non-greasy or overly rich (i.e. gel cleansers, gentle toner, and moisturizer tailored to the season (i.e. lighter for summer, richer for winter).
Sensitive Skin: Be very careful with this skin type, look for products that contain natural ingredients.  Also note, sensitive skin may also be oily, combination or dry, so know your type!

Don’t rely on your makeup for SPF protection!

Think you’re safe from the sun’s rays because your powder or liquid base has an SPF? Think again. For the SPF in a foundation to be effective, you’d have to slather it on as much as you would a normal sunscreen. Instead, use a face cream with sunscreen underneath your makeup. Let sit a good five minutes and then apply your concealer or foundation. No need to break the bank for sunscreen either.

While we’re talking about sun, another important element in skin care is limiting your exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays. “Eighty percent of premature aging is due to sun damage,” says skin care expert Rand Rusher.

Clean those makeup brushes!

Admit it: You’ve probably been applying your makeup with brushes that haven’t been cleaned in a while. Maybe you powder your nose and then place the puff back directly on to your pressed powder. Look out! Over time, you may be building up harmful bacteria that can lead to acne or eye infections. Be diligent about cleaning your brushes and using fresh applicators. Replace that mascara about every two to three months. (Go here for a great video to show you how to clean your brushes!)

Your cell phone wipes bacteria all over your face!

What does your cell phone have to do with your skin? More than you would think. “We put them everywhere, then pick them up and touch our face,” says  Rusher. He recommends washing your hands frequently and wiping down your phone with wipes to keep what goes near your face as clean as possible.

BONUS: Want a natural face mask recipe?

*Use a sponge towel and cut out holes for your eyes, nose and mouth*

Olive Oil (1 tablespoon)
Lemon Juice (1 teaspoon)
Turmeric Powder (1 tablespoon)


Mix ingredients together in a bowl, and use a foundation brush or a paint brush to BRUSH the mixture onto the SPONGE TOWEL, place the SPONGE TOWEL on your face for 20 minutes.  DO this every 2 weeks for glowing radiant skin!

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