Chelsea Tyler dishes to Page Six, about being a dirty, broke college kid and her famous dad’s drug issues.


In the March 8 issue of Page Six Magazine – free inside the New York Post – Aerosmith star Steven Tyler’s youngest daughter Chelsea reveals all about life with a drug-addicted parent who she looks just like. Now a model and burgeoning singer herself, she reflects on her childhood to writer Annie Karni…

On her distinctive and highly recognizable looks:
“People stop me out of the blue a lot. That’s pretty much all I ever get: ‘You look exactly like Steven Tyler….Growing up, I would lie a lot if people asked me if I’m related to Steven Tyler. I avoided it hard for a while, because I wanted to badly experience developing without that. But I’ve embraced it now.”

On growing up in a rock ’n’ roll household:
“Being around my dad made me develop a resentment toward the entertainment industry. I was resentful of the industry for stealing my dad away from me, for making me feel like I couldn’t just have a regular little kid life.”

On making it on her own:
“I think it’s really important to have a job. I’m not even close to some sort of trust fund kid. When it comes to that stuff, we’re very much on our own. I’m lucky in my life to have certain things, but I lived as a broke, dirty college kid for four years.”

On Steven Tyler’s American Idol gig:
“I was definitely pushing toward a no when he got the offer. I thought it was a little cheesy, and I didn’t know what he was going to do with it…I didn’t realize the heart he was going to put into it. That’s really him, and I have a tendency to want to keep him private. It’s daunting to share him like that, but you realize how much good he’s doing and how much he loves his fans.”

On her dad’s drug problems:
“It’s one thing to hear that drugs are bad and consume your life. When you experience the level to which it can demonize someone, and that person is your parent, it instills a truth about it in you that it’s not really worth it.”

Check out the entire interview with Chelsea Tyler in Thursday’s Page Six Magazine, free inside the New York Post and at


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