Olivia Wilde opens up about being “very sexually mature at a very young age” in the new GQ

Olivia Wilde is definitely one of Hollywood’s “it” girls right now. The sexy 27-year-old actress covers the British version of GQ for April, and in the magazine she opens up about her sexuality.

The ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ actress is currently dating ‘SNL’ comedian Jason Sudekis, but she’s also already been married and divorced. She married Tao Ruspoli when she was only 18. Tao was an Italian prince!

Speaking to the April issue of GQ she admitted that she was far too young to be settled down but admits that she was mature for her age when it came to sex.

She said: ‘I was very sexually mature at a very young age.

‘I was very comfortable with it and talking about it, and once someone hears a young woman speak candidly about sexuality, it’s like, ‘Whoa!’ You get labelled.’

Despite her confidence the In Time star was desolate after her marriage to Tao ended.

She said: ‘I thought I was going to die young. It was a pretty juvenile mind set.’

She added: ‘When you split with someone you love you think you’re the only person who has ever gone through it, ‘Oh did you listen to the National on repeat and live on Marlboro Lights and chocolate for three months? Me too!”

Although the end of the relationship was a sad time for the Cowboys & Aliens actor, she has remained friends with her ex and the pair are on good terms.

She said: ‘But I was lucky to have such a peaceful parting. It’s never easy: it’s f****d up and I wouldn’t recommend it.

‘But there were no kids involved, so we could see it as this wonderful chapter. And anyway, you fall in love again. Oh God, to think that you only fall in love once in your entire life is such a depressing thought.’

The divorce has provided Olivia with an idea for a movie script and she believes that there is room in Hollywood for another romantic comedy based on a break-up.

She said: ‘I actually think the subject of a young divorce is pretty funny; I’d like to write a movie about it. Can you imagine a young couple fighting over Ikea furniture?’

I really like her. I think she’s beautiful, and I think she’ll have a great future in Hollywood. Plus – she’s so stinking beautiful!


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