The gift of an easier shave for your man.

My hubby had a chance to be the MakeHerUp guinea pig and try the ShaveWell mirror.  I can tell you he loves it, he had never shaved in the shower before and finds it so much easier to get a smooth shave. The mirror is lightweight and comes with a hook ready to hang in the shower. It really is fog-free it has been in our shower for a few weeks and is still clear as a bell. 

A great and affordable gift for any man in your life. Or heck get one for yourself and you can say your daily affirmations while you shower, I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darnit people like me.


~ Top Three Reasons Men Should Shave in the Shower ~

Fact: Men who shave in the shower get a closer, smoother and more comfortable shave every time – and it is recommended by dermatologists. Here are three key reasons why it’s truly the better way:

1) Better for your skin – Steam from a hot shower moisturizes the face, allowing pores to open and hair to expand and soften.

2) Closer shave – When hair is hot and wet, its strength is reduced by over 70%, allowing a razor’s edge to cut hair follicles closer to the skin’s surface without leaving irritating razor burn or cuts. Not only closer, but less irritating and moisturizing!

3) Fast & Easy clean up – All those tiny hairs and fuss is washed away with the shaving cream and soapsuds, leaving sparkly clean chops for loved ones to kiss and snuggle up to. Saving time without sacrificing a smooth face – who wouldn’t want that!

Yet, 50% of men say they do not shave in the shower or have never tried. Why, you ask? Other than “that’s the way I’ve always done it” or “that’s the way my Dad taught me”, the lack of a reliably fog free shaving mirror was the primary response.


The Shave Well Company commissioned an independent consumer research survey of 154 men between 18-55 years of age who shave with a razor. The goal was understand men’s shaving preferences and from that design the ultimate fog-free mirror for shaving in the shower. The resulting mirror has a long lasting fog-free reflection that makes shaving simple, easy and more comfortable.

With many products on the market, the Shave Well shower mirror offers an affordable alternative and is uniquely designed to be truly fog free. Before shaving simply run the mirror under the shower for a couple seconds to warm it up and then re-hang on the hook. Wa-la, a truly fog-free shave option. . . . and, he can even start admiring his new sleek look before reaching for his towel.

The Shave Well Mirror is manufactured by The Cumberland Companies LLC and is the #1 selling shave mirror on More info. at

Disclosure: MHU was sent a sample of this product to review, all opinions are 100% our own.

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