Meet my two new best friends!

Who has the time to paint nails anymore?

I love to paint my nails, but typically it takes a good hour or so to completely dry. That’s hard to pull off anymore, with such a busy schedule!

On my last trip to Sally’s I noticed these two products, and I decided to give them a try. They’re $7.99 each – but the bottles are TWICE the normal size, so it’s well worth it.

Not to mention they WORK! The basecoat, Nail Life’s Gripper, is an EXCELLENT base coat. It literally grips the nail polish so it doesn’t chip easily! I can go a whole week without a single chip! (Do you have any idea what an accomplishment this is?)

Nail Life Gripper Basecoat is a sticky adhesive base coat that holds polish to nail from underneath. Keeps polish on!

  • Makes a smooth base on nail for the perfect manicure
  • Dries fast to a tacky base
  • Polish won’t chip
  • Hold-on polish

$7.99 at Sally’s

I then applied two coats of Zoya’s gorgeous Petra nail polish. I followed my polish with quite possibly the perfect top coat, Nail Life Speed Demon. It has my nails completely dry in about 2 minutes. Seriously.

Nail Life Speed Demon Polish Dryer is a chip-proof top coat that protects polish from fading.

  • Gives polish a high gloss finish
  • Protects polish from fading
  • Chip-proof top coat
  • All-in-one applicator

$7.99 at Sally’s

You gotta give them a try! You won’t be sorry!

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