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Your new do it all medicine cabinet companion, Topical BioMedics new line of homeopathic Topricin pain relief and healing creams. My hubby and I have started more strenuous workouts this summer and as a result we are dealing with an assortment of aches and pains. I was excited to try my sample of Topricin to see if it worked as well as the mystery ingredient smelly stuff. My knee had been starting to ache from a bit of overuse so I started using Topricin on it before and after my workout and amazingly enough my pain went away . Topricin creams don’t just mask the pain, it actually takes the pain away by stimulating the body to heal the damage causing the pain.

On top of pain relief this stuff works wonders on burns, bug bites, my kids growing pains. On top of actually taking away the pain I love that it is all natural and I don’t have to worry about what I am putting on my families skin.

Summer is almost here and we’re spending more time outdoors being active and enjoying life. From eczema to bug bites and from poison ivy to sunburn, Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream soothes the skin you’re in.

Topricin revitalizes, restores, moisturizes, and provides vibrancy and energy to the skin.

The properties of the combination of 11 natural biomedicines help to achieve the overall health, vitality and vibrancy of the skin to naturally detoxify and stimulate blood flow that helps to increase and enhance oxygenation of skin.

In addition, Topricin has highly purified water, plus coconut oil, which is a fabulous emollient for skin and provides natural, healthy moisture.

Natural detoxification…enhanced oxygenation…hydration…and moisture are what the skin needs to stay healthy and naturally vibrant.

Topricin loves your skin and provides rapid healing relief for:

-Minor burns (including sunburn)
-Bug bites
-Poison ivy
-Calluses and dry, flaky heels

Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream is FDA-approved, safe and natural and doesn’t use any volatile oils such as camphor, menthol, petroleum or lanolin, fragrances or irritating chemicals.

The cream is odorless, greaseless and will not stain your clothing. Topricin is formulated for maximum absorption can be applied many times a day as needed with no fear of overuse or interferences with other medications.

Topricin is available in a convenient 2-ounce tube (MSRP $16.95) and is just the right size to store in a purse, beach bag, backpack, first aid kit, glove compartment or sports bag. The product is also available in two larger sizes: 4-ounce jar (MSRP $24.95) and 8-ounce bottle (MSRP $39.95).

Topricin is available in pharmacies, natural food stores and other fine retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, and other retail stores throughout the U.S., as well as direct from the Topical BioMedics’ online store.

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Disclosure: I received complimentary samples of the above mentioned line for review.

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