Angelina Jolie finally confirms who her new coordinates tattoo is for!

Angelina Jolie’s latest tattoo sparked rumors that Brad and Angie had adopted another baby. She revealed a new line of coordinates on her left arm, a spot which until now had been reserved for the coordinates of the birthplaces of her six children.

That was, until now!

“Well if they know that it’s latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad’s birthplace.” Jolie told Extra on Wednesday. “It’s Shawnee, Oklahoma.”

Jolie – at the Cannes Film Festival promoting her new film Kung Fu Panda 2 – also says there’s no possibility of adopting at this time. However, her movie does deal with the subject of adoption and she was happy to watch it with her kids and talk about it.

“We talk very openly in our house, so ‘orphanage, birth parents,’ are happy words in our house, and it’s not a thing,” Jolie says. “It seemed very normal and they loved it.”

I want to see Cannes pictures of Brad & Angelina! As soon as I get them, I’ll post them right away!


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