Fake Bake Gelee Daily Wash

I am really loving the new Fake Bake Gelee wash, its definitely different than all my other body washes. The vegetable based wash doesn’t suds like a normal wash but you really don’t need much to wash your whole body. I love the light coconut scent and it leaves my skin so soft and smooth.

With Spring Break around the corner I have start using the Fake Bake Gelee wash with my Fake Bake Sunless and Skinny, wonder how much I have to use to look like Gisele by summer? Maybe I can sleep in a vat of it?

Fake Bake Gelee Daily Wash

Fake Bake has gone green with an all natural gelee for the face and body. A perfect body wash to aid in extending your tan. The formulation is concentrated with Vegetable Glycerin and a mild Sugar Coconut-based cleansing agent that is combined with a botanical blend of Green Tea, Cucumber, Ginseng and Chamomile. Unmask the potential of your skin with this safe and gentle concentration of superior ingredients to balance, purify, clarify, strengthen, and moisturize the natural way. You will see and feel a difference in your skin!

Hydrated skin is healthy skin! The cleansing properties of this incredible gel are far superior when compared to regular soap. Other soaps can dry out your skin, leaving it tight and flaky that can cause your beautiful tan to fade faster. It may not lather like other soaps but it thoroughly cleanses your skin while allowing it to maintain the natural oils and keep your skin’s surface (the acid mantle) at a healthy pH level. This Gelee is infused with anti-oxidants that help neutralize the free radicals that can damage skin cells. Vitamins A C and E are added to help create a foundation of healthy skin along iwth a concentrated legel of natural Vegetable Glycerin that acts as a humectant to retain and attract moisture. Peppermint Essential Oil stimulates and energizes the skin, giving it a radiant, healthy glow and the natural coloring comes from the beneficial Chlorophyll which is derived from plants.


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