Protect your smile with non-abrasive products

I have always been a whitening product junkie you name it I’ve tried it so when I heard about Dentisse I was really excited to get a chance to try it. The fact that its a clay based toothpaste had me intrigued to be honest I thought it might feel or taste a little gross but curisoty made me give it a whirl.

Now in the 2nd week of using Dentisse I really love it. There is no weird clay feel or taste, but there is an amazing mint flavor.  Its so gentle and leaves my teeth and mouth  so amazingly minty clean. My favorite thing it that my mouth feels so much cleaner long after I brush and my teeth are super smooth and bright.

Dentisse Natural Reflection Toothpaste

We all want a picture perfect smile, which sometimes involves investing in whitening, bonding or veneers. However, many popular dental hygiene products are abrasive and can actually ruin teeth.

According to Dr. Emanuel Layliev of the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, in order to protect our smiles, it is best to avoid alcohol based rises, colored rinses and excess fluoride containing rinses, as well as toothpastes that contain abrasive elements such as baking soda.

Dr. Layliev recommends Dentisse Natural Reflection Toothpaste and Natural Reflection rinse to protect and brighten our smiles. The rinse is an alcohol-free rinse that contains aloe vera and doesn’t burn or dry. The toothpaste is a clay-based paste that smoothes, polishes and whitens without any being abrasive to the teeth.

What makes Dentisse more effective than other “whitening” toothpastes marketed today? Simply put: Its unique formula. Ten years in research and development, the natural ingredients in Dentisse are combined in a proprietary way that enhances their tooth-polishing power.* Key among these ingredients are…a safe, effective cleaning, polishing and whitening agent: kaolin clay That’s right: clay. But a unique white clay, purified and refined. Its particles have flat surfaces with microscopic ridges that polish teeth to a micro-smooth luster. a smoothing agent: bentonite clay

Dentisse Natural Reflection toothpaste gently smoothes and polishes tooth enamel, safely removing surface stains and harmful plaque. When used regularly, it prevents plaque and stains from forming. Two weeks of faithful use, and your teeth will be noticeably brighter and smoother, your breath will be fresher – and your smile will take on a new radiance.


Disclosure: Complimentary samples were sent to me for a honest review

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