Get the Look: Anne Hathaway Vogue photo shoot.

I love Anne Hathaway! This photo shoot is simply amazing,  Anne looks perfect in the vintage styling and gowns.

Get the look: Retro Glam updo!

With her snow-white skin, dramatic eyebrows, and magnetic charm, Anne Hathaway epitomizes Hollywood glamour. Her now iconic look is taken to another level in this retro-glam spread in Vogue’s November issue featuring luxurious couture gowns and powerful up-dos.

Though designer gowns and haute jewelry may be out of reach, you can easily replicate Anne’s Vogue up-do using Goody Simple Styles™ Spin Pin.

Goody Simple Styles™ Spin Pin: SRP $6.49

1) Add texture to your hair by applying styling cream or volumizing spray
2) Use a curling iron to spiral the whole head, and brush out the curls
3) Apply dry texturizing spray at the roots
4) Pull hair up and twirl your hair into a bun
5) Twist in the two spin pins starting close to the scalp

Voila! The spin pin does the work of 20 bobby pins for a cover-worthy look even Anna Wintour would adore.

The Goody Simple Styles™ collection is available at Target, Walgreens Walmart and Duane Reade stores nationwide.


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