Get the Look: Katy Perry’s flawless eyes

How Katy Perry Keeps Her Lashes Flawless

It’s no surprise that musician and pop-star Katy Perry has a few beauty tricks up her sleeve. From her neon streaked hair to her jaw-dropping ensembles, this “California Gurl” is one of Hollywood’s leading beauty and style trendsetters.

One of Katy’s most striking features is her big blue beautiful eyes and lashes. To keep her brows well-groomed and her individual lashes on tight, Katy Perry’s must-have beauty tool is the Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer.

As recently featured in People Magazine, the new Mrs. Russell Brand, uses the award-winning Tweezerman Slant Tweezer for its luxury precision and durability. “I pop individual lashes on with tweezers.”

Wondering how to get this look at home? NYC Celebrity Makeup Artist and Brow Guru RAMY breaks it down in 5 easy steps:

1. Use a slant tweezer, the slanted angle tip offers a wider grip than a pointy tweezer
2. Apply eye liner and mascara to lashes before applying individual lashes
3. Adding two or three individual lashes to your outer eye will make your eyes appear larger, more almond shaped and will add instant glamour to any look
4. Pick up each lash by gripping it by the end of the lash (not the “root”). Then dip the root of the lash into the glue
5. Finally apply lash to desired area of lash line, getting the root as close to the base of your lashes

A ‘Best of Beauty’ winner chosen by Allure editors for the past 10 consecutive years, top makeup artists always recommend the original, award-winning Slant Tweezer for expert brow shaping. The perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time with the smoothest, true precision.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers are available at Sephora and for $25

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