EOS Smooth Sphere

My favorite new product has to be the EOS smooth sphere. It leaves my lips so soft and hydrated and the Tangerine scent smells delicious. On top of being a great lip balm I love that the antibacterial properties can help keep colds at bay. And at under $4 a sphere its affordable even for the most budget conscious.

Get ready – winter is just around the corner and we need to make sure we have the essentials to survive. With cool, chilly weather comes cold and flu season and, unfortunately, wool coats, suede boots and comfy sweaters just won’t cut it. Studies show that, each winter, the average person contracts approximately 3 colds, and those who are around young children catch even more. Soon enough those harmful germs will be making their way around schools and office buildings nationwide and, while there’s no cure for the common cold or flu, we need to take preventative measures to protect ourselves and minimize our chances of getting sick.

Thankfully, eos (evolution of smooth) launches their new Anti-Bacterial Tangerine Lip Balm Smooth Sphere just in time! This 95% natural, petrolatum and paraben-free, daily-use lip balm provides anti-bacterial protection with the use of Phenol and offers medicated relief to help sooth dry lips and alleviate symptoms of cold sores. Its revolutionary smooth sphere packaging provides a direct, hygienic application and is packed with antioxidants, zinc, vitamins C and E, shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips healthy and germ-free this season!

Key Ingredients:

• Phenol – higher level of phenol at 0.5%, providing anti-bacterial and germ-fighting protection with antiseptic properties

• Antioxidants – vitamins A, C & E, zinc, honey and natural fruit & green tea extracts to soothe and heal

• Jojoba oil – provides long-lasting moisture

• Shea butter – softens and nourishes

Price: $3.29

Availability: Rite Aid, www.evolutionofsmooth.com, www.drugstore.com

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary sample of this product to give an honest review.

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