Carrie Underwood’s new Olay commercial!

Olay is looking to attract a younger audience with a new ad campaign featuring country music star Carrie Underwood.

In photos that depict a freshly face-washed Underwood with a squeaky clean glow, it appears the brand is focusing on its line of facial cleansers — which contain foaming formulas, scrubs and cloth wipes — to target the younger demographic, instead of the anti-wrinkle and lifting moisturizers it is most well-known for today.

“I started to focus on how I took care of my skin in my 20s because I don’t want to ever do drastic things to my face. It’s just not my style, I want to keep it as natural as possible,” said Underwood.

Olay will air an ad during Wednesday’s Country Music Association Awards featuring the skin-care company’s celebrity spokesperson, Carrie Underwood, but E! Online has an early look at the spot.

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