The adorable Emma Watson on the cover of Marie Claire December 2010

Emma Watson opens up in the new Marie Claire about everything from Harry Potter to what she’s going to do now. I’ve chosen a few snippets from the article here, but you can read the full article at the source.

Now that Harry Potter is over, Emma Watson is reveling in the freedom to make changes—starting with a radical haircut that left her nervously fingering the feathery ends of the new pixie style that was inspired by such icons as Mia Farrow, Edie Sedgwick, Jean Seberg, and Audrey Hepburn.

“I’ve wanted to do it since I was about 16, and when Harry Potter ended in June, I just needed a change,” Watson said. “It was quite symbolic for me. It’s very short; it was buzzed at the back and on the sides. And it’s really liberating that I can walk out without thinking about it.”

Despite the temptations of Hollywood and a complicated family with assorted full, half-, and stepsiblings, Watson seems the polar opposite of wild-child stars who generate lurid headlines. She appears to have spent her entire adolescence as a classic good girl, unremittingly hard-working and conscientious.

“I do things in my own way, but I’ve never felt any need to rebel,” she said. “To be honest, I’ve always had far too much freedom. I had a job when I was 10. I started living on my own when I was 17 or 18. I’ve earned my own money; I’ve traveled the world. What would I rebel against? I’ve had so much freedom, sometimes it was hard. My parents wanted to protect me, but they had no idea how to. I had to learn as I went and make my own mistakes. I went from being totally unknown and never acting professionally to being in a major movie and being very famous. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have any time to work things out. It’s been pretty scary at times.”

Read the rest of Marie Claire’s exclusive interview with the star in our December 2010 issue, on newsstands November 16.

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