Harper’s Bazaar Fights Fake Beauty Product

We know we are preaching to the choir when we say fakes are never in fashion, but many fake beauty products can bring harm to your health. Harper’s Bazaar’s  Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ initiative has been working for years to expose the criminal activities connected to the sales of counterfeit products. The sales from these fake products fund child labor, sweat shops, drug cartels and even terrorism. This is why Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ not only wants your readers to know why they shouldn’t support counterfeit beauty products, but they also pose a dangerous risk to their health.

Why are counterfeit cosmetics and beauty products so dangerous?

–  Fake cosmetics are made cheaply with no regard for safety standards put forth by the health and beauty industries.

– Fake cosmetics & perfumes contain illegal substances [e.g. urine and antifreeze] that can cause serious allergic reactions.

–  Counterfeit hair straightening devices and other electronics have been known to malfunction and even explode.

How to spot fake cosmetics:

–  Look for flimsy packaging. If the cellophane is messy or moving around the box, that’s a sure sign the perfume’s probably a fake.

–  Watch for excess glue or adhesive tape. If there is a lot of tape or glue inside the perfume box or on the exterior of the packaging, the perfume is probably a fraud.

–  Examine barcodes. Barcodes should be at the bottom of the perfume box. If you see that they are the side of the box, you should definitely be suspicious.

–  Be wary of flea markets, home shopping parties, street vendors and unauthorized websites. Many sell fake or counterfeit products.

–  Watch the salesman. Most of the time the real product is in the front line on the shelf, while the fakes ones are behind it.

–  When online, buy from authentic websites. If there are spelling/grammar mistakes, unprofessional looking designs or a contact form without a legitimate address and phone number, proceed with caution.

Shocking? We think so too. Which is why it is so important to know how to spot counterfeit beauty products this holiday season. We all know it is a tough economy and not everyone can afford to buy luxury cosmetics, but is it worth the price to you or your friend’s health? For more information on Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ please visit www.fakesareneverinfashion..com or @NeverFakeson Twitter.

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