A Justin Bieber Fragrance is Coming!

Justin Bieber is getting into the fragrance business (along with everyone else!).

WWD reports that the nail polish-shilling pop star has partnered with Etoile Nation Beauty to launch a collection of wristbands and dog tags infused with a unisex scent dubbed “My World.”

Arriving in Walmart stores the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 26), the scent itself is still under wraps.

“They actually brought me a bunch of stuff to smell today,” Bieber told WWD on Friday.

“One of them smelled too young, too fruity. One was really good,” Bieber said. “I actually like the Britney Spears perfume on girls. It smells good.”

The Canadian crooner also reportedly expressed an interest in designing a line of shoes and said he may shave his head. “I’ve cut this style different ways, but I was thinking about shaving it off or changing it. But I know now isn’t the right time. Maybe [for my] next album.” More From StyleList


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