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Pores.jpgThe Truth About Pore Size
Many people struggle with and really hate having large pores. So do we! There are some facts about pore size you need to know so you can see a noticeable difference—and you also need to know what’s not possible.
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Hair Removal.jpgHair-Brained Ideas for Hair Removal
Just about everyone has hair somewhere on their body that they don’t want, or at least want to reduce. Whether it’s on your legs, underarms, face, back, arms, or bikini line, finding an effective and efficient way to get rid of it isn’t easy.
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Sleeping with Makeup.jpgFalling Asleep in Your Makeup—Don’t Do It Again!
Oops, I did it again. Even though I know better—and even though I’ve endured the aftermath the next morning in the mirror too many times before—I still fell asleep in my makeup, again, last night.
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Acne and Wrinkles.jpgAcne and Wrinkles: How to Tackle Both
As if it isn’t bad enough having to battle wrinkles, but having to also struggle with acne is just depressing and confusing. Women don’t always outgrow acne, and lots of women who never broke out before can start breaking out in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and older; this is particularly true for women going through menopause.
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Cosmetic Ingredients.jpgCosmetic Ingredients: How Much Do You Need?
Trying to read a cosmetic ingredient label is a lot like trying to read Shakespeare: you know it’s important, but you may have no idea what you’re reading really means. The Cosmetics Cop Team’s Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary can help a lot, but the issue of how much of an ingredient should be in a formula is, for the most part, impossible for a consumer to understand.
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