Lowila Care Cleansing Bar- End dry itchy skin!

My kids all have super sensitive skin the smallest thing can leave their skin bright red and irritated. I am always on the lookout of safe and gentle cleansers for them as so many of the kids products are chock ful l of chemicals and colorants. I was recently introduced to the Lowila Care Cleansing bar and its truly amazing.

I have been using it for a week on all my kids, its even perfect for my 8 month olds delicate skin. I have noticed a drastic improvement in their skin. Their skin is softer and  no more  mystery red splotches from the kids soap. A great soap that is so gentle you can even wash your face with it.  A great cleanser for everyone in your family!

Lowila Care Cleansing bar, which is a dermatologist recommended, soap free cleanser that helps to relieve irritated skin. What actually sets it apart from other cleansers that might help with dry or itchy skin is that it is soap-free which means that it works to hydrate skin more so than other bar soaps, making it ideal for anyone with skin sensitivities. The product can be used on both body and face and if you or your friends have babies…works on them too!

An interesting stat for you: WebMD says approximately 100 million Americans suffer from dry and itchy skin. So keep in mind the following to help fight skin discomfort:
· Keep bathing/showering to 10 minutes and use warm – not hot – water
· Avoid excessive hand washing or excessive use of hand sanitizers
· Use a cream or lotion directly after bathing to keep moisture locked into your skin

Lowila Care Cleansing Bar is sold at pharmacies nationwide for an SRP of $4.00 and is also available for purchase online at MedShopExpress.

Disclosure: I received a free sample of this product to provide an honest review to our readers.

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