My new obsession!

At last! The wait for a truly innovative product is over. boscia, the leader in preservative-free skincare, introduces its next breakthrough in anti-aging: the peel-off Luminizing Black Mask.

The boscia Luminizing Black Mask is a powerful peel-off purifier that boosts skin’s clarity and radiance by minimizing hyper-pigmentation and refining pores. What sets this product apart from any other is the peel-off delivery system, in which the mask adheres to the skin, forming an even, shiny, opaque black “veil.” Once the mask is completely dry, it is peeled off, stripping the dead skin and all impurities!

Ideal for all skin types, the Luminizing Black Mask is rich in natural clays, minerals, extracts, vitamins and antiseptics – all infused to deliver exceptional deep-pore cleansing and exfoliation while drawing out impurities, bacteria and excess oil. Simultaneously, it delivers powerful antioxidant protection to prevent future free-radical damage that results in wrinkles, dryness, and dullness.

boscia’s NEW Luminizing Black Mask (2.8 fl oz.) retails for $34.00 and is available now exclusively at Sephora, and

I am madly in love with this product! When I first read about the new boscia peel off mask I knew I must try it and set out to do so. Well better than Christmas morning I received a sample of boscia Luminizing Black Mask to review. It’s every bit as fun and good for my skin that I had hoped

Check out my first boscia mask experience.

The boscia Luminizing Black mask is a really thick goey mask but still very easy to apply.

I look a little demented, my first trial run was at 11pm I couldn’t wait any longer to try it.

After 10 minutes the mask has seeped into my pores creating a firm bond on all the impurities. I liked watching the mask go from smooth as glass to textured as it dried.

15 minutes are up, time to pull off the mask. It was really easy to peel off. Do be REALLY careful about your hairline when applying.

You can see all the little bumps on the mask it basically pulled yucky stuff out of every pore. For anyone who was a fan of Biore strips you are going to be obsessed with this product. Love it, definitely a new staple in my beauty cabinet.


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