‘Glee’s’ Lea Michelle is gorgeous on the cover of Marie Claire UK.

Glee’s Lea Michele is on the cover on the latest Marie Claire UK. She’s adorable!

Lea Michele on her infamous nose

Don’t you get annoyed when the writers poke fun at the size of your nose, then?

‘I see that happening on other shows and you’ve got to laugh,’ she answers earnestly, then adds, ‘but when they always talk about my boobs being too small I’m like, OK, if we’re going to talk about this then let’s be real! Rachel does not have the smallest boobs in the club, although that wouldn’t be a problem if she did, but they keep saying that she does, and I’m like, “It’s not true!”. I mean, they’re not big, but they always talk about how small they are. But they always say I have a great butt, which I really do like.’

Lea Michele on her tattoos

‘What about your tattoos? She has nine, each chronicling a significant milestone in her life. The first was a butterfly, on her back, at 16. There’s one for Spring Awakening, another, Imagine, after the John Lennon song, a gold star for Rachel Berry. Still, she’s quick to remind me: ‘I don’t have like a kiss on my butt or anything! They’re all tiny. I mean, you saw me in the shoot today, I was practically nude. Did you see any? No. I’m telling you, I have nine. All so, so, so little.’ So what’s the next tattoo? ‘I’ve been thinking about it for a while and my poor boyfriend… I’m always like, “What shall I do next?” And he’s like, “I don’t know!’’’ She shares the butterfly tattoo with her mum. ‘I think I tricked her into thinking it was a bonding thing, which it was, but she says it was the worst trick of her life. But my mum is the best because I can sit and talk to her about what tattoo to have next.’ So this is your vice, I say. ‘Yes! There you go – thank you! I’m also an avid coffee drinker and an obsessive talker.’

For more of the interview, plus more pics – go here!

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