Eva Longoria Launches Her Fragrance, Eva by Eva Longoria

That was a lot of Eva’s in one title.

Anyway, another celebrity is launching their own fragrance. You might be hard pressed to find a celebrity who actually doesn’t sell their own fragrance. My question is – how many of you out there buy celebrity fragrances? Ok, I’m not going to lie, perfumes are not something I spend money on. Every couple of years I’ll get one as a present, and that’ll last me. I am allergic to most perfumes, so it has to be very light for me to wear it.

Have you ever bought a celeb fragrance? If so – which one? Did you like it?

Eva Longoria visited Toronto to launch her new fragrance, “Eva by Eva Longoria”. The starlet and newly-crowned perfumer, met with fans and handed out goodie bags containing her signature scent.

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