Evan Rachel Wood: “I am SPF crazy”

And you can tell! The pale beauty talks to PEOPLE about her beauty routine, and why SPF is so important to her.

Evan Rachel Wood is the new face of Gucci’s fragrance, Guilty. “I love [the] idea of the Gucci woman being this take no prisoners, full throttle, is going to do what she wants to do [woman],” she says. “I think you can be just as tough in a pair of heels if you’re in control of it.”

“I have fun playing with makeup,” she tells PEOPLE. The actress shared many of her favorite style tips, including the secret to keeping her porcelain visage flawless: “I am SPF crazy. I have sunscreen in the door of my car. I have sunscreen in my purse.”

Sun protection aside, the self-professed Sephora fan likes to have fun pushing the beauty boundaries “to see how far I can go,” experimenting with everything from ultra-smoky eyes (she’s a fan of Stila Smudge Pots) to her tattoos–including one on the inside of her lip that she keeps hush-hush! Wood credits her daring style to growing up with a “very artistic family” that encouraged her to be different. “I try and surround myself with people who just aren’t afraid to be who they are and aren’t going to judge me for doing anything I’m doing.”

Hear more from the star in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands now.

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